Start Building Astonishing Android Apps Using Java

7 July 2015

New York: Today, there are lots of things that excite us about mobile app development. With highly advanced hardware, pc’s and various platforms (iOS, Symbian, Windows), the land for mobile developers is full of opportunities. Android is a free open source platform based on the Linux kernel. It’s powering various mobile devices like smartphones and tablets; basically the Android development kit offers a framework for building interactive clients using Java. The language already has a few interface class libraries like Swing, SWT, J2ME Canvas, AWT, etc. But none of these libraries have gained the acceptance like Android with respect to mobile devices.

Programming a mobile device is remarkably different when compared to PC programming. Here the devices are different and hence the programming structure. Mobile devices come in different shapes and sizes; they come with touchscreens and not with mouse, the text input is different, there are lots of peripherals like GPS unit, motion sensor, multiple radios, cameras, etc. Memory capacity and processing power are evolving so fast and it’s impacting on the battery life. This has been the main reason for Google replacing Dalvik VM with ART.

Taking a glance on Android platform:

  1. Android is a free open source mobile OS built by Google.
  2. Google maintains Android platform and provides required tools and timely updates.
  3. Anybody can modify and build apps on Android as it is freely available.
  4. Device manufacturers make use of this efficient platform and build a special hardware around it.
  5. The android SDK is available for various platforms like Linux, Mac and Windows; so you don’t have to pay for new hardware to start writing new apps.
  6. The software development kit is built using Java; so if you are familiar with the program, you are halfway there already.
  7. Recently, in order to enrich the performance of Android apps, Google replaced Dalvik VM’s JIT compilation with ART’s AOT compilation.

So while learning any programming language, running an error free code is certainly your first victory. No matter how simple the code is; as Android is a bit closer to Java, so Java knowledge is the must for you to develop Android apps. Running an Android code is definitely a good idea for learning but a programmer must have an Android device attached to the computer while testing the app. This is not only necessary to get a real feel but also to get rid of the patience test. An emulator seems to be fine only when there is no other choice.

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