Excellent Content Strategy Update of Drupal: What Are The Users Up To?

5 March 2015

New York: Content strategy is the process of content creation, governance and delivery. The main purpose of content strategy is to build a repeatable system that defines the complete editorial content development process for a website. A few months back in December 2014, as a part of users continuous efforts to improve Drupal.org, They just started a content strategy project with Forum one.

Drupal Association engineering and marketing/communication staff joined up with Drupal.org content working group and organized a two-day workshop to help the project team get Forum one speed on Drupal.org and also on the ecosystem of sites and services used by Drupal community. Drupal.org is a unique website that serves several purposes.

Below mentioned are a few content strategies of Drupal.org for coming months:

  1. Drupal.org is the home of Drupal community: Drupal.org is nothing but a collaboration which allows us to build Drupal, the software.
  2. It is the canonical source: Drupal.org ties up the repositories of Drupal core and contributed projects, it also issues queues for reporting bugs and also packs up automated build of releases that are tied to an integrated update process.  
  3. It is the hub of our commercial ecosystem: The companies which sell Drupal hosting and Drupal services are brought together with the customers of Drupal software.
  4. It is a communication channel:  Drupal.org itself is a communication channel and it also feeds several other communication channels. Normally we link a lot of content to Drupal.org; so that the home page gets a lot of unique traffic.
  5. Drupal.org is a source of information: The site provides the complete details about Drupal the software and the Drupal association.
  6. Drupal.org is used to evaluate Drupal: Designers, developers, CIOs, CTOs and others go to Drupal.org to read success stories and certain features to make a decision on choosing Drupal to build their content management solutions.
  7. Drupal.org is a starting point for support: Drupal.org is usually seen as the starting point for any support. Because many users ask their doubts to the community using Drupal forums. Later, they find their answers by searching the internet and being pointed to Drupal.org.
  8. Drupal.org is a collection of documentation: The API documentation is usually generated from the repositories associated with Drupal.org. The community has built several pages of documentation that helps users to understand how to build using Drupal.

Having so many objectives and purposes, a cohesive content strategy that takes input from several contributors is really critical. Key messages and content strategy objectives are the two major areas to measure the work. 

Key messages:

  • Drupal.org is the home of Drupal and its community. It is the major source of information, code and collaboration which enables people across the globe to build flexible and scalable technologies.
  • All the project managers, developers and designers are contributing their unique skillsets to build a free and open source software- Drupal.
  • The platform is commonly used by several governments, non-profit organizations and several companies to find an appropriate solution for a wide range of organizational needs.

Content strategy objectives:

  • It enhances the quality of relevant content so that the users can move through the proficiency levels more efficiently.
  • It reframes Drupal.org across all the user roles so that all the audiences are addressed.
  • It improves the overall quality of the content by developing content governance for Drupal.org.
  • It helps in increasing the user engagement with Drupal.org community so that the members form deeper relationships and become Drupal contributors and promoters.

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