Award Winning Open Source App Development Tools of 2015

13 October 2015

New York: The award winning projects of the year 2015 in the application development category include server-side frameworks, client-side frameworks, mobile frameworks, languages, databases, editors and libraries.

Below listed are a few top picks among the award winning tools of 2015 that facilitate faster development of applications.

Docker: Docker is an open source platform that facilitates developers to build, run and ship distributed applications. The biggest impact of Docker has been on the virtual machine environments. As Docker containers run within the operating system, more Docker containers can run in a given RAM when compared to the virtual machines. This is very important as RAM is the most expensive and scarcest resource in a virtualized environment.

Node.js and io.js: Node.js, which is recently united with io.js, is a platform developed on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime for building scalable and fast network applications. The platform makes use of a non-blocking and event driven I/O model without threads. Basically, it tends to consume less memory and CPU resources when compared to other run-time engines like .Net and Java.

AngularJS: AngularJS, the Model-View-Whatever JavaScript AJAX framework allows you to extend HTML with markup for the dynamic views and data binding. The platform is said to be excellent for building single page web applications and also for linking HTML forms to models and JavaScript controllers. It synchronizes the data from your interface with the JavaScript objects through a two-way data binding; this helps you to structure your apps better while making it easy to test.

React: It is a JavaScript library that allows you to build the view or user interface (UI). The platform has got nothing to do with the Model or the Controller. The pages can render on the server or the client; but the pages rendering on the server will be much faster when compared to the ones rendering on the client. The developers often combine React with Angular JS to build the complete apps.

Brackets: The platform is referred to as the lightweight editor developed and open-sourced by Adobe. The idea behind ‘Brackets’ is to develop better tools for HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other open web technologies. The platform itself is developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is used to build brackets.

Cordova: Apache Cordova is a set of device APIs and some tooling that provides mobile developers the access to native device functionality like camera and accelerometer from JavaScript. Cordova can also be combined with a UI framework like Angular JS to build smartphone applications using JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

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