5 Secrets of Front End Developers

23 December 2014

New York: Front end development is concerned with the elements of a website what the user sees and interacts directly. It requires the blend of programming skills and a little artistic sense to understand the organization of elements like color and font. There are a few challenges associated with front end developers; the tools and methods used to develop the front end of a website keep changing. So the developers must be aware of changing trends in web development. These are the things which you know about front end developers. But there are several secret facts about them which you need to know.

Below mentioned are a few secrets of front end developers:

Front end developers are more selective than you think: Front end developers usually opt for the best tools for their job. Let it be the development framework, operating system, favorite browser, mouse, monitor and keyboard. They strive and succeed in convincing others to work their way. They can make decisions even in the most confusing situations like deciding between a standing desk and an ergonomic chair. Even though there are no satisfying answers for this, they can speak for hours about the pros and cons of these options.

They hate selective designers and clients: Even though they themselves are selective, they hate selective designers and clients. It bothers them a lot if they are asked to make any changes on the design (color, font, size and more). They really strive hard to meet up to the clients’ requirements. They are tech savvy’s and they’ll always be having a few tricks to make your site look better.

Front end developers are quiet: This is the most interesting secret of front end developers. Seems strange! But it’s true. They don’t speak much; all that they need while working is a pair of good headphones. It takes them to the coding zone to an extent that they don’t even notice the things happening around.

Adobe illustrator is their weakness: No doubt that Adobe Illustrator is a magnificent tool for designing. But, it’s not created for web development. As the tool is a vector and the web works in pixels, if you want to give them a head ache, you can just show them the design of an Adobe Illustrator and ask them to follow the specifications to make the site look pixel perfect. It really fusses them a lot.

Browsers are their true nightmares: Gone are the days when people used to rely upon a single web browser for internet. Today there are many browsers like Google chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and so on. Upon that they had to cope up with the differences in fonts rendering between different operating systems. It’s really hard for them to attain the pixel perfection with these differences.

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