15 free WordPress Plugins for Multi-Contributor Blog

9 July 2013

New York: Primarily, a blog was a personal media but now things have changed. Now blogs are becoming more professional and they include several contributors and authors. If you work as a team, here are 15 free plugins for multi-contributor blog. Extensions that are intended for multi contributor blogs allow increasing productivity.

The big strength of WordPress is that it has hundreds and thousands of extensions that give it tons of features to meet your needs and expectations. At times, this strength becomes it biggest flaw. Some extensions are hard coded and can even put your installation on risk. Thus, rather than installing these extensions directly on your blog, it is suggested to test them locally in order to employ. Also it is recommended to save entire content of your database which can be easily retrieved of the need arises.

1. Role Manager: a plugin that allows you to precisely define the roles and powers of each contributor.

2. Multi Author Comment Notification: a plugin that lets all authors obtain notifications on every article and not on only of their own.

3. Co Authors: a plugin that allows you to assign the same article to several authors, and very conveniently put them in the value of these profiles.

4. Top Authors: a plugin that allows you to display a widget highlighting the most prolific contributors which is a good way to motivate your troops.

5. User Photo: a plugin that allows your contributors to upload their photo that appears in the articles or in the comments.

6. Adminimize: a plugin that allows you to tailor the WordPress admin interface, thereby hiding all the elements you do not need.

7. Posts by Author Plugin for WordPress: a plugin that adds “x” at the end of each item and improves your bounce rate.

8. Author Exposed: a plugin that displays a hidden div default overview on the name of the author of an article, div which contains various information such as the name of the author, email address, website or a short bio.

9. Private Messages for WordPress: a plugin that integrates WordPress private messaging so that all blog authors can communicate with each other easily.

10. Share Notes on Dashboard: a plugin that allows you to post a short note on the dashboard of WordPress, it is perfect for communicating on a feature or to view important topics of the day.

11. Pre Publish Reminder: a plugin that allows you to add notes in the sidebar of the editing articles. It is a very nice window to remember the rules of formatting to your contributors.

12. Future Posts Calendar: a plugin that integrates the dashboard of WordPress calendar that offers all of the next scheduled items. It is great to have an overview of a blog.

13. Editorial Calendar: a plugin that offers exactly the same as Future Posts Calendar, except that it works for all articles published on the blog.

14. Blog Metrics: a plugin yet very convenient and allows you to view statistics for each of your contributors. A good way to know how many tickets they have published, how many comments they left and so on.

15. Author Advertising Plugin: a plugin that allows you to easily share your campaigns income between contributors blog.
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