Airline IBE-GDS Integration

Fortune Softtech is a leading service provider of Global Distribution System (GDS) integration of various web based applications around the World. We specialize ourselves in travel agency portal and travel agency website development service. We have designed and developed more than a few Internet Booking Engines (IBE) integrating different GDS functionalities for many airline agencies in the past. Our knowledge and superior capability in designing and developing different types of IBEs and integrating them with various GDS has made us a global leader in this service area.

GDS is a worldwide internet based reservation network used by travel agents, common users, internet based booking sites etc. as a single point of access for reservation of airline seats, hotel rooms and rental cars, other travel related items. Fortune Softtech offer various IBE developments and GDS integration services to our clients in New York and across the world. We offer complete Online Travel Agency (OTA) Solution for our clients in all sizes and modes of operation (Online, B2B, B2C, B2B2C etc.). Our solutions for travel agencies to go online includes CMS website/ Online Travel Portal development services, designing services, SEO and SEM services, IBE development and GDS integration services etc.

The GDS provides the users with important booking tools that help them to booking status, perform multiple search criteria, availability, total pricing, check rate etc. and full back office integration. As an efficient and leading service supplier of GDS integration Fortune Softtech has worked on different types of GDS systems that allow rental vehicles, hotels, reserving flight tickets etc. We have developed many complex applications like airline ticket online reservation systems in the past for our clients with GDS integration. Our client based applications development with GDS integrations has helped many our clients in having robust travel booking systems which would be able to perform online bookings. Some of the greatest GDS systems which we work on being Abacus, Amadeus, Expedia, Hotwire, Galileo, Navitaire, Sabre, Travel Port, ravelocity, Travel web, trip advisor, World span, etc.

GDS providers are serving the worldwide travel and tourism industry with the ultimate number. The rapid development of openly available global distribution systems for reservations has generated a dramatic shift in the travel industries, commercial airlines and hotels with millions of people making travel arrangements on the websites. GDS data for all airfares are globally available through client’s portals. Basic air travel objections to these websites reveal the instantaneous airline and fare details for a variety of rival airline information concerning flight type, departure times, flight direction, length and connections are also presented by the GDS.

Access to this data also provides an exclusive opportunity to measure and monitor three of the most important features of the commercial air industry that is travel time, accessibility and fare. GDS data suggest the real choice-based information provided to the user during the booking process, indicating seat inventories and link needs for a given journey at a single point in time.

As the GDS industry continued to evolve the availability of public interfaces to these systems highly extended, particularly with the rollout of the Internet. The clients have gained unprecedented access to information concerning price, travel timings and schedules. Fortune Softtech with superior understanding of all the popular GDS systems provides excellent application development services integrating various type GDS to our customers. Based on their requirements we provide efficient GDS integration services such as GDS for Hotel, GDS for Airlines and GDS for Travel etc. by using state-of-the-art technology while developing any web application.

Advantages of GDS:

  • Simple and easy access of information

  • More distribution and exposure

  • Saves time and maximizes revenue

  • Channeling management and Distributing content

  • Increases information efficiency and precision

  • Live data, pricing, availability


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